Welcome to 'Music for All'


Music for All is the charity for the UK musical instrument industry. The mission is “Making More Musicians!”


This is achieved through:

  • Promoting the substantial and wide-ranging benefits of music making
  • Bringing "Learn to Play" experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Being commited to addressing the needs of community and diversity, especially those who do not have access to music making
  • Developing partnerships with like-minded organisations

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Everyone's a musician!

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BE INSPIRED BY THE POWER OF MUSIC... Making music improves your life!

  • The UK faces a wide range of social issues plus the challenge of an expanding older population. Playing music can offer society a unique way to break down barriers, educate and socialise marginalised groups and integrate diverse cultural and economic backgrounds.
  • Only 21% of the UK population (aged over five years) plays an instrument and we want to help more people understand and experience the joys and benefits of playing music*.
  • Over 15 million people wish to learn or get back to playing*

* MIA Attitudes to Music in the UK research








Classic FM
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