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Our Mission


In the UK we’re continuing to face increasing social challenges, such as an ageing population and growing diversity within our local communities. Getting involved in music can present a wealth of opportunities – helping us to break down barriers; providing a variety of educational opportunities as well as helping us to find ways to integrate many diverse and minority groups positively into our society.

Playing a musical instrument can provide a real sense of personal achievement or could allow parents to experience that unique feeling of pride – hearing and seeing their children perform. At MfA we’re passionate about helping people to find ways to understand and experience the enjoyment and benefits of playing music.

About the Music For All charity

At MfA nearly all of us are musicians, involved in the musical instrument industry or both. So we really know first-hand what an amazing affect making music can have on people’s lives. We see everything from disadvantaged young people blossoming at school through to older adults discovering music sometimes for the first time, much later on in life. In our view, EVERYONE should have the opportunity to learn to play music. Sadly, many people are not fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments or ways to help them to learn and discover.  This is where we come in.

Our charity has minimal overheads and administration costs. And, for every pound we raise, the musical instrument industry donates £2. This generous support spans across the music industry and includes our biggest supporter, the NAMM Foundation in the US. We are also fortunate to have a wide range of musical celebrities endorsing our charity. Please help us in any way you can so that we can continue to bring the magic and joy of making music to more and more people in the future.

Thank you.

Our Major Projects

Learn To Play Day

Every year we give the general public the chance to have a free “taster” lesson on a musical instrument. Music shops and other venues throughout the UK open their doors letting anyone, both young and old, take part.


Support for Music Education

We visit all types of schools and offer free “taster” lessons to inspire children to get involved in making music. We use a wide range of instruments and work with both the school and local music services to ensure that we are able to respond to an increased demand for music at the school.

Helping Individuals and Communities

Music for Individuals

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to musical instruments and lessons. Our Grant Application process allows us to help people fulfil their musical dreams. Young, old, regardless of personal or life challenges, we truly want music to be for all!

Music in the Community

Many projects and initiatives take place throughout the UK that all aim to bring music to their community. Most would benefit from a “helping hand” to fulfil their potential in becoming truly sustainable music programmes. Our Community Project Application process puts us in a position to be that “helping hand”.

Our Supporters

“I am delighted to help Music for All in their quest to inspire more people to participate in music making, either for the first time or to return to playing after having lapsed.”

Jools Holland, Patron



We are extremely fortunate to have the support and endorsement of many professional musicians. Our Ambassadors generously give their time to spread the Music for All message and we are very grateful to all of them!

Our Latest News

Supporting Jake

Jake is currently studying A level music and was in urgent need of a good quality electric guitar to meet his growing abilities, as well as his performance tests for the exams . His family situation was not going to make this possible. To his credit, Jake managed to... read more

Helping Valdas

Valdas used to play the accordion in his native Lithuania before moving to the UK in 1996. Sadly, he was not able to bring his beloved instrument with him when he came here. Valdas suffered a severe head injury after a fall in 2012 and has subsequent ongoing problems... read more

Supporting Nayoung

Supporting Nayoung
Nayoung has made exceptional progress on the flute in the short time she has been learning, reaching Grade 8 within 2 years! A challenging domestic situation meant that her lessons were about to end. We were delighted to be able to step and keep her playing. She has now secured a place with the Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra and we expect to be hearing more from this talented young musician in the future!

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Our support for the OHMI Trust

Our support for the OHMI Trust
We have been delighted to give Community Grants to the One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust over recent years. This support has helped with new outreach projects in Birmingham and now with the Surrey Arts organisation. Schools Minister, Nick Gibbs, was so impressed with the work being done that in a recent letter to all Music Hubs in the Country, he mentioned OHMI and the importance of providing children with physical disabilities the chance to learn on an adapted instrument.

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Drumming support for Daniel

Drumming support for Daniel
Talented Daniel has achieved Grade 7 and 8 in both drums AND guitar and is studying music at Kesgrave High School. He badly needed an electronic kit to enable him to learn and rehearse both at home and at band practise. Working with other charities, we were able to help and here he is both rehearsing and performing!

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Why Music?

Music is an essential part of the fabric of our lives. It is an extremely powerful means of communication, playing a role in many of our social and religious institutions. Making music can help break down cultural barriers and strengthen social unity. Making music can also play an important part in helping us find a balance in our busy lives, improving our wellbeing and helping us rediscover who we are through creative self-expression.