Louis and the Cello

Louis is a talented young cellist with a lot of talent and plans to become a professional musician. A serious cello was now needed for Louis and working with his own savings and some other charities, we were able to help! Expect to hear lots more from this talented musician.18/11/16: Louis Baily

Helping Hannah

Hannah faces a challenging family background and needed our help to further her musical dreams (she is planning to become a music teacher). Here is Hannah with the trumpet she so badly wanted! She is off to study music this year at college and has plans to end up at Birmingham Conservetoire.

Hannah Durdin6

Help for Yasar

After only 6 month’s study, 5 year old Yasar can already play Grade 3 music! His family needed help to get him an instrument worthy of his talent. Working with the EMI Sound Foundation we were able to do just that! Expect to hear from this young man in the future…

Yasar Zhao

Simon’s Story

After 6 months of being homeless, Simon has recently managed to find a new place to live. A lifelong guitarist, he sadly had to sell all his instruments simply to buy food. Things are now looking up for Simon and we were delighted to be able to give him this lovely Ashton guitar (thanks Sound Technology!). Simon now looks forward to using his music to help in in his life’s challenges and sent us this “selfie” (he apologises about the wallpaper!!)


Helping Phoebe

Phoebe lives with her Grandparents and they really needed our help to be able to continue flute lessons. Music is a major part of Phoebe’s life and really helps her with all she has been through. We are delighted to hear that she will shortly try for her Grade 6 exam and that her music teacher is being such a great mentor to her!

Phoebe Lamont

Helping Aurora

Talented Aurora urgently needed a larger violin, but some challenging circumstances meant that her family were not in a position to help. We were delighted to be able to step in and support her.

Here is Aurora with her new violin, which she calls “Tiger Flameripple”! She recently played at the Stratford and East London Music Festival and won first place in the Eight Years and Under Strings Class.

Aurora and violin