A piano for Mischa

Talented Mischa really needed a piano of her own to allow her to fulfil her potential. The family situation could not meet the cost of such an investment. As often happens, we had a lovely gentleman in London who called to donate a beautiful digital piano to our charity. Here is Mischa with her new piano and we are delighted to hear how well she is progressing as a result!

Mischa Hanson


An update on Simon,

Back in March (see post 6th March), we helped Simon to get playing again after he had been forced to sell his guitars in order to buy food (he was homeless at the time).
Fast forward six months and he now has somewhere to live, is playing again and even has a splendid new haircut!

Simon Scott2

Supporting Eleonora

Talented singer Eleonora faces a number of challenges in her life. The clinical support she requires dramatically limits her finances. She really needed help to purchase computer technology to produce and support making her first album. We were delighted to be able to step in and help.

Eleonora Damizia

Helping Keziah

Young Keziah faces health challenges in her life that limit her ability to undertake activities without constant supervision. Music had become a big part of her life and her carer-Mother needed our help to support piano lessons. We were delighted to be able to get involved and to hear the news that Keziah is now able to take her first music Grade exams!

Keziah Holowenko.2JPG Keziah Holowenko.32JPG

Milltown Studios support Music for All

John and his team in Derbyshire run a project with several local schools called “Musical Roots”. The aim of the project is to put children of both primary and upper schools into small bands and to provide all the equipment for the sessions.
They are now running a concert on October 7th with 100 children playing together! The aim of the concert is to raise money to buy instruments for the local schools that the children come from and we are naturally delighted to lend our support.

A Marimba for Alex

Talented Alex studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in Orchestral Precussion and Timpani. What he critically needed was an instrument of his own, specifically a Marimba. This is an expensive instrument and Alex saved hard with a major part of the monies. We stepped in for the balance. Alex aims to make a career of his music making and we expect to hear more from him in the future!