Supporting Jake

Jake is currently studying A level music and was in urgent need of a good quality electric guitar to meet his growing abilities, as well as his performance tests for the exams . His family situation was not going to make this possible. To his credit, Jake managed to raise some monies himself and we were delighted to be able to help with the rest. Here he is with his new pride and joy!

Jake Callis

Helping Valdas

Valdas used to play the accordion in his native Lithuania before moving to the UK in 1996. Sadly, he was not able to bring his beloved instrument with him when he came here. Valdas suffered a severe head injury after a fall in 2012 and has subsequent ongoing problems with memory and concentration. Valdas often leads music groups at the Headway East London organisation and playing music is significantly helping his general wellbeing. The one thing he really needed was his own instrument….and that is where we came in!

Valdas Zoruba

Valdas Zoruba2

Supporting Nayoung

Nayoung has made exceptional progress on the flute in the short time she has been learning, reaching Grade 8 within 2 years! A challenging domestic situation meant that her lessons were about to end. We were delighted to be able to step and keep her playing. She has now secured a place with the Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra and we expect to be hearing more from this talented young musician in the future!


Our support for the OHMI Trust

Our support for the OHMI Trust
We have been delighted to give Community Grants to the One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust over recent years. This support has helped with new outreach projects in Birmingham and now with the Surrey Arts organisation. Schools Minister, Nick Gibbs, was so impressed with the work being done that in a recent letter to all Music Hubs in the Country, he mentioned OHMI and the importance of providing children with physical disabilities the chance to learn on an adapted instrument.

OHMI one

OHMI two

OHMI three

Drumming support for Daniel

Talented Daniel has achieved Grade 7 and 8 in both drums AND guitar and is studying music at Kesgrave High School. He badly needed an electronic kit to enable him to learn and rehearse both at home and at band practise. Working with other charities, we were able to help and here he is both rehearsing and performing!