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Helping Dovi

Dovi is a talented young musician who badly needed a keyboard of his own to help fulfil his potential.
Difficult family circumstances prevented this and we were delighted to be able to step in and help out.

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Learn to Play Day – 9 weeks to go!

We are now getting everything ready for the sixth annual Learn to Play Day taking place on Saturday and Sunday June 24th and 25th.

FREE music lessons for everyone!

We have shops and other venues signed up across the UK and you can find your nearest venue on the locator map at the link below. We are proud to, once again, have the support of the Musicians’ Union and Making Music with the event.

Plus, don’t forget the International Make Music Day that takes place the same week on Wednesday June 21st, all details at www.makemusicday.org/uk if you want to get involved!

All other details can be found at www.learntoplayday.com

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Helping Zaide

Zaide has difficult family circumstances and needed our support to enable him to fulfil his potential on the keyboard. We were delighted to be able to help his Mum to obtain an instrument for him to learn on!

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A sax for Anna

Anna is a talented young musician and she needed our help to be able to get the tenor sax she so badly wanted!

We stepped in and here she is playing one of her charity gigs (this one raised £2000 for local charities). Plus, she now plays in Wymondham College Jazz Band, the J.A.M. Band, the Jazz Lizards as well as taking part in local music competitions!

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Music for All supports Make Music Day UK

Music for All is very pleased to support Make Music Day UK on 21 June 2017. Make Music Day UK is an annual UK wide, free day of music held in public spaces, from squares to libraries, bandstands to school halls and arts centres, always held on the summer solstice, 21 June.

This is the UK’s contribution to the international summer solstice music celebration which first started in France in 1982 and now takes place in over 120 countries and 750 cities across the world. Make Music Day UK aims to turn the country into a stage, and offer a full spectrum of performers the opportunity to display their musical skills.

For all information, go to http://www.makemusicday.org/uk/

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Piano help for Alan

Alan (name changed) had a truly challenging family background and had somehow found a way to start to teach himself to play the piano. He is now in a safe environment and needed our help to have lessons to nurture his emerging talent. We were naturally delighted to be able to help.

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Helping Eve

Eve urgently needed our help to be able to get a quality violin to play. We stepped in and are delighted to hear how well she is doing. She is now applying to both Junior RNCM and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to take her to the next level!

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Dylan wins!

We have supported talented young drummer Dylan over the years and his skills are really starting to be recognised. We recently helped him to complete a drum kit appropriate to his talent and he has just competed in the Pembrokeshire Primary School Music Festival. He won The Open Drum Kit, Open Percussion and Overall Instrumentalist Prizes! Expect to hear a lot more from this amazing young man…….

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A cello for Ayla

Talented Ayla comes from a challenging family background and needed our help to be able to own her own cello (she had outgrown the one that was being loaned to her by her tutor).
Here she is with it, the smile says it all!

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Louis and the Cello

Louis is a talented young cellist with a lot of talent and plans to become a professional musician. A serious cello was now needed for Louis and working with his own savings and some other charities, we were able to help! Expect to hear lots more from this talented musician.

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Helping Hannah

Hannah faces a challenging family background and needed our help to further her musical dreams (she is planning to become a music teacher). Here is Hannah with the trumpet she so badly wanted! She is off to study music this year at college and has plans to end up at Birmingham Conservetoire.

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Support for Whitefield Primary School

This school asked us for help in buying special instruments for use as music therapy for children with Autism or social, emotional and mental health difficulties. We were delighted to be able to support the school and even more delighted to hear about the positive effects the music is already having. Improvements in confidence in communications, social interaction skills, concentration and attention are already being seen!

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Help for Yasar

After only 6 month’s study, 5 year old Yasar can already play Grade 3 music! His family needed help to get him an instrument worthy of his talent. Working with the EMI Sound Foundation we were able to do just that! Expect to hear from this young man in the future…

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Simon’s Story

After 6 months of being homeless, Simon has recently managed to find a new place to live. A lifelong guitarist, he sadly had to sell all his instruments simply to buy food. Things are now looking up for Simon and we were delighted to be able to give him this lovely... read more

Helping Phoebe

Phoebe lives with her Grandparents and they really needed our help to be able to continue flute lessons. Music is a major part of Phoebe’s life and really helps her with all she has been through. We are delighted to hear that she will shortly try for her Grade 6 exam and that her music teacher is being such a great mentor to her!

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Helping Aurora

Talented Aurora urgently needed a larger violin, but some challenging circumstances meant that her family were not in a position to help. We were delighted to be able to step in and support her. Her is Aurora with her new violin, which she calls “Tiger Flameripple”! She recently played at the Stratford and East London Music Festival and won first place in the Eight Years and Under Strings Class.

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Music for All at the London Bass Guitar Show!

We are delighted to be exhibiting at the show this weekend (Saturday and Sunday at London Olympia)

We will be holding a big raffle to raise funds for the charity and (so far) have this lovely Washburn bass, an Orange Amp, an Aguilar pedal and Elites strings!

More prizes to follow and huge thanks to everyone from the industry that has kindly donated to the raffle.
Hope to see you there!


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Chilli Road update

Back in November we told you about our support for the Chilli Road Community Band. We had given a Community Grant to enable them to create extra music sessions for new musicians and the young leaders. Well, just look at them now all dressed up ready for the next gig!

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Helping Rhiannon

Rhiannon has been playing the trombone since she was 9 where she was taught by her mother. Fast forward 6 years and she is now studying at the Royal Northern College of Music!
What she needed was an instrument appropriate to her blossoming talent. Working with her own savings and our friends at the EMI Sound Foundation, we were able to get her the Michael Rath instrument she so badly needed!

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