Our Latest News

A piano for Mischa

Talented Mischa really needed a piano of her own to allow her to fulfil her potential. The family situation could not meet the cost of such an investment. As often happens, we had a lovely gentleman in London who called to donate a beautiful digital piano to our... read more

An update on Simon,

Back in March (see post 6th March), we helped Simon to get playing again after he had been forced to sell his guitars in order to buy food (he was homeless at the time). Fast forward six months and he now has somewhere to live, is playing again and even has a splendid... read more

Supporting Eleonora

Talented singer Eleonora faces a number of challenges in her life. The clinical support she requires dramatically limits her finances. She really needed help to purchase computer technology to produce and support making her first album. We were delighted to be able to... read more

Helping Keziah

Young Keziah faces health challenges in her life that limit her ability to undertake activities without constant supervision. Music had become a big part of her life and her carer-Mother needed our help to support piano lessons. We were delighted to be able to get... read more

A Marimba for Alex

Talented Alex studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in Orchestral Precussion and Timpani. What he critically needed was an instrument of his own, specifically a Marimba. This is an expensive instrument and Alex saved hard with a major part of the monies. We... read more

A piano for Taran

Talented Taran has a number of challenges in her young life, but music is certainly not one of them! She currently travels every week from Leicester to London for her special music lessons and is about to start at the famous LIPA institute. She badly needed a digital... read more

An update on Maggie

2 years ago, we helped talented Maggie to get her own cello to support her learning with our good friend Kay Tucker. Kay is still teaching Maggie who now needed a full size cello. Here she is with her new one and we will find a new, deserving home for her old... read more

A sax for Julia

Julia faces a number of challenges in her young life and has found that playing music especially helps with her condition, in relation to breathing and keeping her calm. Working with her Father, we were able to help her get the saxophone she really needed. She has... read more

Filming at Music for All

We were delighted to welcome the lovely team from Manoto TV (translates as “my tv”) to our offices this week where they made a short film about our work in the UK. ManotoTV is a cutting edge channel, breaking all boundaries of Persian speaking television.It... read more

Helping Priana

A challenging family situation threatened to stop talented Priana continuing to learn the violin. The Guildhall School of Music and Drama wrote to us singing her praises and we were delighted to be able to step in and... read more

Support for Merrie

A challenging family situation threatened to stop Merrie’s music tuition and her remarkable progress on the recorder. She has been offered a place at the Junior Royal Academy of Music (JAM) as well as the National Youth Training Recorder Orchestra (NYTRO). We were... read more

Supporting Bashiru

We especially like to support young people who have no access to having their own instrument. Bashiru studies at the Bromley Youth Music Trust and here he is with his own clarinet that we were able to get him! In his words “I am very lucky and want to thank you for... read more

Help for Hassan

Talented Hassan urgently needed an instrument of his own where he plays with the Centre for Young Musicians. He has also attained Grade 8 level. The family situation was a challenging one that needed our support. We were delighted to be able to... read more

Help for QM Studios

Our local, community-run studio and rehearsal rooms really needed some keyboards for teaching. A musician who tragically died recently, left us 2 keyboards and we were delighted to put them to good use with the lovely staff at QM. Many thanks to Toby Phillips for the... read more

Help for Ariadne

Ariadne worked very hard to attain the Music and Dance Award and Music Scholarship at her school. She urgently needed to upgrade her instrument to match her growing talent and a challenging family background could not make this possible. We were delighted to step in... read more

Helping Ullswater

We have supported Ullswater Community College over the years and our latest help involved developing the school wind band, big band and string group! Weekly lessons and rehearsals are now taking place as well as a planned music tour to... read more