MfA Projects

National Learn to Play Day.

We run the annual National Learn to Play Day for the UK.
This is an event that allows musical instrument shops to open their doors and to offer free instrument ‘taster’ lessons to the general public, young and old!
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Our Work with Schools.

Our main project is taking our "Learn to Play" format to schools where we give free "taster" lessons to children of all ages. We use a wide range of instruments and work with both the school and local music service to ensure that we can all respond together to an increased demand for music lessons at the school!

We visit both primary and secondary schools and tailor the range of instruments to the requests of the school and the children. We are always happy to meet the parents and school staff throughout the day and to offer any advice we can about helping more children to learn an instrument. We bring a range of materials to each school, that can be given to everyone, with helpful advice about getting started.


Bursaries and Instruments.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to instruments and the lessons with which to learn.

Wherever possible, Music for All wants to help this situation. We are sometimes able to help a school or other project that does not have musical instruments. We are also more than happy to try and assist a keen individual who wants to learn, but does not have the means to be able to afford music lessons. If we can help, we will!


Our work in the Community.

We use our "Get Alive!" brochure to inform everyone about the many benefits of making music and how it ...

> Keeps you younger!

> Makes you smarter!

> Improves your health!

We take our "Learn to Play" stand to major public events, such as the Ideal Home Show and offer the general public free music lessons. Many people regret not having learned an instrument (or stopped playing one) and we are always delighted to help get them started again!

We generally try and support and partner with other projects that are trying to help people to make music. As an example, we have just assisted Somerset House and their "What Next" initiative for young people. Also, last year we helped Noel Edmonds and his "HQ" tv programme to replace all the musical instruments in a school that had burnt down. We are always happy to hear from anyone that might benefit from working alongside Music for All.