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Community Project Funding

Our April round of funding is now open

Our new round of funding is open for applications from community projects and individuals. The closing date for this round of award applications will be 27th May 2022.

For this session we will be offering support in five areas:

1) David Hughes piano or keyboard award (community project).

2) David Hughes piano or keyboard award (individual).

3) Projects supporting those with learning or cognitive issues.

4) Projects which are based on electric guitars.

5) Recording session with the University of Surrey for diverse community groups.

Please remember to read our eligibility criteria before applying.

Are you working in groups and educational organisations within your community? We support projects and initiatives bringing music to communities.

If your group could benefit from a “helping hand” to get established so it can really fulfil its potential and evolve into a sustainable music programme, we can help you.

Step 1 - Before You Start:

Please be aware that:

Step 2 - Full Eligibility Criteria

Before you apply for Community Project Funding you need to check our full eligibility criteria. You can download a copy here.

Eligibility criteria form

Step 3 - Apply

Use our online application form to submit your Community Project Funding application.

We have updated our system, so to apply now all you need to do is click the ‘Apply for community project funding’ link below, set up an account with Submittable and then you can apply. By setting up an account on our new system, it allows you to follow your application’s status along the way.

Apply here

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