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Do you accept donations of instruments?

For the time being, Music for All is not accepting instrument donations due to lack of storage space. However, we are hoping to organise storage for instruments again in the future so if you would like to hold onto any instruments you wanted to donate to us, then please do so and let us know via email so we can contact you again when we are accepting instrument.


Do I have to fit a certain criterion to apply for a grant?

Our applications, individual and community, are open for anyone to apply who is a UK citizen and is seeking help towards a musical based cause. We have no specific requirements for applicants before the application is successful. If your application is successful, we require you to send a picture and update once you have received the grant.


Do I have to be a UK citizen to apply for a grant?

Yes, you must be a UK citizen to apply for either an individual or community grant. Music for All is legally only permitted to give out grants within the UK.


Can I only apply online or is there a paper copy that can be sent to me?

You can only apply for a grant via our online application form. We do not have paper copies to be sent out as it is all processed online. If you are having any issues with applying online then please email help@musicforall.org.uk