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Make Music Day

Make Music Day is an annual grassroots festival with a huge range of musical performances taking place across the world. Since its 1980 inception in France as Fête de la Musique it has grown to a music celebration across 125 countries.

Making Music Day

Anyone can take part with inclusivity, community and easy access experiences being the core vision of this event.  Whether you’re a seasoned musician, an enthusiastic novice, or someone who simply enjoys dabbling with a tune, take up this open invitation to make and share music on this special day.

Traditionally the event is about bringing music into public spaces for the community to enjoy, but the challenges of 2020 caused the organisers to turn Make Music Day 2020 into a digital event. This year, Make Music Day will be a mix of online and physical performances, catering for all who want to take part.

In 2020, there were 1,739 performances live and online and the 2021 event was even bigger. People organised gigs on doorsteps, balconies, rooftops; livestream from sitting rooms; book the local bandstand, pitch up on pavilions, tune up in town squares, stand on street corners; host musicians in libraries, pub gardens, hotel receptions – wherever there was space to perform and make some noise on Monday 21 June.

Visit their website here to find out about next year’s Make Music Day event on Tuesday 21st June.