How We Work

Why music?

We are passionate about helping people appreciate and experience the enjoyment of playing music. Music a vital role in our lives, often breaking down cultural barriers and strengthening social unity. The benefits of music are wide and all-encompassing.

How we work

Music for All changes lives across the UK by enabling access to music making.  We are passionate, focused and ambitious. We receive no government funding, but the generous support of donors, sponsors and partners means we continue to ensure more people enjoy the many benefits of music making.


To enable better health, well-being and education across the UK through music making. 


To enable and inspire everyone, regardless of circumstances, to discover the mental, social and physical benefits of making music. 


Equality of opportunity for all to appreciate and experience the joy and benefits of making music.

Achieving our aims

In 2023, Music for All supported disadvantaged individuals, educators and community projects through a series of four award rounds, distributing 124 instruments and over £120,000 in cash grants.
Our awards are spread across all genres of music and levels of capability. Our specialist knowledge and links to the music industry help the charity source new instruments donations and appreciate current trends in music making.  Our awards are focused on helping those that need support for health & wellbeing and education, and those disadvantaged by social, economic and geographical circumstances.

We achieve our aims by:

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