Our Latest News

Helping Livi

We were delighted to be able to support Olivia recently with the new violin she so urgently needed. We have just had an amazing update from her Mum : “Just to let you know that thanks to all the help she received with the new violin purchase, Livi is now flying with... read more

The Bursar Primary Academy

This lovely school in Cleethorpes needed our help to provide violin and djembe instruments and specialist teaching to the pupils. The school faces a number of challenges and the Headteacher wanted to extend the music provision to as many of the children as possible.... read more

Our thanks to Dave!

Dave Hunt tirelessly supports our charity and he spent all of his weekend running a raffle for us at the London Drum Show. Here he is on a special cover of Rhythm magazine and here are all the lucky winners of the raffle. Thanks... read more

Support for Liam

During his years at school and college, Liam developed a passion for the bass trombone as both a solo and ensemble instrument. Liam needed our help to source a special mouthpiece to help his playing. He is now a freelance musician and we wish him all the best for his... read more

Drums for Rylee!

Young Rylee faces a number of major challenges in his life. Drumming (as is often reported) really helps him to focus and to escape from his medical problems. What he really needed was drum kit of his own that he could play at home. We naturally wanted to help and... read more

An update on Alex

We supported Alex a few years ago with a violin and she made one of the most charming videos thanking us that we have ever received! We are still in touch with her and her Mum and have been helping with piano lessons over the last few months. She is flying through her... read more

Help for Joshua

Young Joshua is studying for his Masters in Musicology at the University of Oxford. He excels on the violin and needed our support to obtain an instrument worthy of his ever-growing talent. We were delighted to be able to help and expect to hear more from Joshua in... read more

Support for the Muntham boys

Muntham House School was set up in 1953 to support young boys with challenging behaviour. We recently met teacher Sydney, who had just started at the school and wanted to bring more music into the school day. Together with our good friends at Sound Technology, we were... read more

Helping Kayleigh

Kayleigh needed our help to be able to learn the piano as her home situation prevented being able to afford lessons. In her words “You have no idea what this means to me, I have wanted to learn the piano for years and you have allowed this to... read more

Helping Coldfall Primary School

This London school was determined that all of the children should be able to access a broad musical curriculum and they asked for our help. We stepped in and here are the pictures of the new instruments now being used by 90 Year 4 children every week! The school has... read more

Supporting Linka

A difficult family situation meant that Linka was not able to continue learning the piano. This was a very upsetting situation for young Linka and we were delighted to be able to step in and to help her resume her... read more

Supporting Rebecca

Rebecca  is a seriously talented young lady who excels on a number of instruments. She is a student at the Junior Guildhall and she needed our help in order to be able to continue her musical studies. Working together with her family and a number of other charities,... read more

Help for Socialise Drop In

This excellent group in Higher Blackley Community Center has been running for four years and offers help and workshops for adults with disabilities. The group love making music and we were asked if we could supply a grant to purchase more instruments for them. In... read more

Support from In Flagrante

The “In Flagrante” amateur choir is based in South West London was started 18 months ago by two friends who happen to be magistrates! They are now 30 strong. They have started putting on concerts and they very kindly raised an amazing £500 for us at a recent event.... read more

Supporting Catherine

We helped Cat a while ago with her violin playing and we are delighted to see that she is flying through her grades! It was time for a new full size instrument and we were delighted to be able to donate her one that had been kindly given to us by the... read more

A piano for Mischa

Talented Mischa really needed a piano of her own to allow her to fulfil her potential. The family situation could not meet the cost of such an investment. As often happens, we had a lovely gentleman in London who called to donate a beautiful digital piano to our... read more

An update on Simon,

Back in March (see post 6th March), we helped Simon to get playing again after he had been forced to sell his guitars in order to buy food (he was homeless at the time). Fast forward six months and he now has somewhere to live, is playing again and even has a splendid... read more

Supporting Eleonora

Talented singer Eleonora faces a number of challenges in her life. The clinical support she requires dramatically limits her finances. She really needed help to purchase computer technology to produce and support making her first album. We were delighted to be able to... read more

Helping Keziah

Young Keziah faces health challenges in her life that limit her ability to undertake activities without constant supervision. Music had become a big part of her life and her carer-Mother needed our help to support piano lessons. We were delighted to be able to get... read more

A Marimba for Alex

Talented Alex studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in Orchestral Precussion and Timpani. What he critically needed was an instrument of his own, specifically a Marimba. This is an expensive instrument and Alex saved hard with a major part of the monies. We... read more