Show your support by signing up today; tell us how you will support the Music Makers’ Charter through your involvement in music making; you could commit to a specific action that aligns with one of the aims of the charter.

The Change.org page will allow signatories to either simply sign up in support of the Charter or outline ways in which they will get involved in music making and/or encouraging more music makers within their communities.

Music for All will not be policing the commitments made by supporters. Any commitments are personal and can be achieved to the supporters own timescales. 

For over 25 years, Music for All has supported individuals and groups to access music making. Our charity’s growth sits in the context of a worrying and widening gulf between our understanding of the power of music to improve our health, wellbeing, education, economy and social cohesion, and the harsh realities faced by aspiring music makers. The cost-of-living crisis, an overstretched healthcare system and under-valued music education services are all significant contributing factors. Now is the time to get vocal and unify support for funding music making.

This campaign aims to:

  • Highlight the lack of access to music making 

  • Highlight the considerable and numerous benefits of music making

  • Demonstrate how everyone can benefit from music making

  • Unify interest groups and individuals across education, health and wellbeing to demand greater opportunities for music making in these areas.

Yes! Our research & resource page highlights many well established reports outlining the health, educational and wellbeing benefits of music making.

This campaign will run for at least three years.

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