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How We Work

The charity has minimal overheads and administration costs, so we can give as much as possible to helping people to fulfil their musical dreams.

Music for All receives no government funding but attracts donations from the general public and the generous support of organisations within the musical instrument and associated industries.

More About Us

The industry trade associations, MIA (UK) and the NAMM Foundation (US), provide constant support alongside a host of sponsor organisations.

We also benefit from the support of a wide range of ambassadors including well-known musicians, educators and enthusiasts.

Over the past 5 years Music for All has distributed over 540 grants and awards to individuals, educators and community groups.

Our awards are spread evenly across all genres of music. Our specialist knowledge and links to the music industry help the charity ensure the appropriate distribution of awards to individuals and groups.

We understand the vital role music education plays in the development of children and over the past five years 32% of our individual awards have been given to support music lessons and 60% of our group awards over the last three years have been given to educational establishments.

The charity’s reach is right across the UK with grants being awarded from the Hebrides to Jersey and Cardiff to Snape.

We are proud to be able to support many local music organisations and hubs alongside introducing music into the work of youth clubs, women’s networks, refugee support and physical and mental well-being charities.

Why Music?

We are passionate about helping people appreciate and experience the enjoyment of playing music. Music is an essential part of our lives, playing a vital role in many of our social and religious activities, often breaking down cultural barriers and strengthening social unity. The benefits of music are wide and all-encompassing.