Music for All’s new trustee Lynn Ladbrook

March 2022

Lynn Ladbrook becomes Trustee for Music for All

Music for All is very pleased to announce the appointment of new Trustee Lynn Ladbrook.

Lynn is joining the Music for All Board having worked in the charity and public sector for over 25 years. In the past she has worked for organisations such as WWF, the National Trust and the Royal College of Nursing, but most recently was Chief Executive of Breast Cancer UK and the Cavernoma Alliance, and currently is Chief Executive of the Primary Care Respiratory Society.  Through this experience she has established a strong reputation for her strategic and planning skills as well as her ability to establish productive partnerships with funders, research colleagues and corporate supporters.

Alongside her career Lynn is also a keen musician playing the piano and clarinet.  She is very aware of the challenges facing young people when learning an instrument, her daughter plays a wide variety of instruments, and Lynn appreciates the benefits gained from attending additional musical experiences such as holiday orchestras.

Lynn says “I believe playing and learning music is so important and rewarding – it’s fun, calming, joyous and offers so many social and developmental opportunities.  I feel strongly that anyone of any age or background should have the opportunity to play, sing or be part of a musical community.”

Tony Followell, Chair of Trustees commented – “Lynn will bring to Music for All a huge amount of experience and understanding of commerce, academia and the third sector.  Her extensive knowledge of fundraising and governance as well as her proven influencing and partnership skills will help propel Music for All into its next phase of development and growth.”

Lynn will join the Board of Trustees during March 2022, working with the Board to expand our fundraising plans and realise the huge potential of establishing new partnerships that promote and support the many joys and benefits of making music.